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About Srisai Wiring

At Srisai Wiring Harness Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturing, we are committed to providing a quality product, at a competitive price and delivered on-time.

Our wire services include: cutting, stripping and molding of various wire connectors and harnesses used in a wide range of industries, including: Automotive, RV, Trailer Manufacturing, Truck and Van Accessory markets, Agricultural, Military and various other markets that require wire connectors or harnesses.

We strive to reach each goal we set, through implementing quality standards, processes, seeking new technology and increase training and education to remain competitive in this unique industry. Our mission is to provide a reliable, resourceful product that will meet our customers needs. Each year, as we continue to grow we strive to continuously improve our quality processes and procedures while implementing new technology. Our experienced team has the capabilities to design and customize unique projects.

Why Us ?

Our Focus as Deliver Quality Products so customers by on time. Developing relationship by meeting the Customer requirements. Providing Quality Products with competitive prices.

Our management team is a group of professionals coming together to make a difference in the way we do business. With years of business experience and customer communication we take pride in knowing we are providing our customers with exceptional customer service. From management, customer service, quality control, finance and marketing, we have all the components to maintain and grow a healthy and successful business.

Srisai Wiring Harness dedicated long-term relationships with customers by overseeing their wiring needs through providing quality products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and solid, dependable support.

Srisai Wiring Harness Pvt. Ltd

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